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Check out the answers to some questions new clients ask us. They may help you have a better understanding of our services.

What Does ARMHS Help With?
WeCare, LLC provides Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) for various issues and psychosocial needs. To determine what kinds of support our clients can benefit from, we first let them undergo an evaluation.
What Is ARMHS About?
The kinds of support we provide are rooted in providing our clients with services that are applicable to their unique needs. Our approach is client-centered, holistic, and goa-oriented. Thus, we are not only focused on our clients’ emotional or mental health. But our services also comprise training to promote healthy positive relationships with their community and independent living.
What Does the ARMHS Staff Do?
As behavioral health professionals, we give our clients the support that they deserve in managing their issues and learning effective ways to address their daily living activities.
What Does It Mean to Be an ARMHS Worker?
Our staff members are licensed behavioral health professionals who have a passion for supporting people in living better and healthier lives. Their services are aimed toward guiding people in learning how to effectively deal with their psychosocial issues and promote their social competencies, independent living skills, and community living abilities.