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Licensed Psychotherapists / Mental Health Therapists

WeCare, LLC provides quality counseling and therapy services to adults, and families in the Metro Areas, SE counties of MN, and Central Counties of MN.
The therapists should be committed to address the total needs of our clients, including their psychological, emotional, social, and physical well being.

WeCare, LLC is seeking part-time or full-time independently licensed mental health therapist / psychotherapist in one of the following counseling professions (LCSW, LPCC, LP, LMFT, PhD, and PsyD) to provide counseling services to adults, aged 18 to 64. The candidate is responsible for providing psychotherapy services to adults and their families who need clinical intervention.

The candidate must be licensed at the clinical level in the State of Minnesota with a minimum of three years’ experience in working in the mental health field. Please send cover letter and resume with the Online Application.

Employment Type: Contract

Salary: $45K – $85K Annual